1. Black: Step into the world of undiluted sophistication with the soft Black leather Lappella handbag. Immaculately crafted from the finest soft leather, this quintessential accessory is the embodiment of elegance, beauty, and distinction. Every detail, every stitch, speaks volumes about its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship. It’s more than just a handbag; it’s a nod to classic style, a symbol of quality, and a testament to luxury. The black handbag from Lappella is where elegance meets simplicity, creating a timeless companion that enhances your wardrobe and transcends seasonal trends. Looks stunning across all handbag styles whether you want an everyday handsfree option of a crossbody bag or backpack or more of a statement piece of a Lappella tote, shoulder bag ,shopper or grab bag.

  2. Tan: The Tan Lappella leather handbag is a harmonious blend of earthy hues and sleek design. Expertly crafted from butter-soft leather, it radiates an irresistible charm that is both modern and timeless. This chic luxury accessory is a conversation piece, a true style statement that sets you apart in the fashion world. Its warm, rustic hue evokes thoughts of sunlit paths and charming country-side escapades. It represents the pursuit of quality and the delight in owning a luxurious handbag that combines comfort, style, and functionality with effortless finesse. Casual but stylish tan works with any Lappella bag whether using leather crossbody or carrying a statement piece of a shoulder  bag, tote or grab bag.

  3. Navy: Journey into the heart of popular classic style with the Navy Lappella handbag. Made from premium soft leather, this handbag serves as a testament to the enduring allure of the navy hue. This chic accessory echoes the mysterious depth of the midnight sky and the tranquil beauty of a calm sea, creating a visual symphony that captivates at first glance. It’s a beacon of quality, a symbol of understated luxury, and a bold statement piece that will have heads turning wherever you go. Take a look at all the navy soft leather Lappella handbags ,whether a classic tote or shoulder bag , a grab bag or clutch bag statement piece or an everyday crossbody bag.

  4. Smoke Grey: The Smoke Grey luxury Lappella handbag is an ode to the sophisticated urban dweller. This butter-soft leather accessory is a canvas of smoky mystique, echoing the intriguing allure of a city cloaked in twilight. Its deep, subtle hue is versatile, complementing a spectrum of colours, from the softest pastels to the boldest neons. It’s a testament to the Lappella commitment to quality, a trophy of luxury, and a reflection of your refined taste and exquisite style. Smoke grey looks stunning in the smart and useful Lappella crossbody bags and clutch bags or the sleek and sophisticated tote bags, why not take a look.

  5. Mustard: Paint a picture of vibrant elegance with the luxury Mustard Lappella handbag. This accessory, crafted from soft leather, bursts with an infectious energy and exuberant charm. It's more than just a handbag; it's an exploration into the world of colour and the magic it can weave into your everyday life. It’s a celebration of quality, a depiction of luxurious artistry, and a bold, eye-catching statement that exudes confidence and sophistication. Take a peak at the Lappella mustard soft leather crossbody and clutch mustard handbags, they are suitably hot!. 

  6. Morning Blue: Welcome the dawn of a new style era with the Morning Blue Lappella handbag. Designed from butter-soft leather, this piece is reminiscent of tranquil skies and the calming melody of morning birds. It’s an accessory that breathes a fresh, soothing aura into your wardrobe, transforming every outfit into a serene masterpiece. With the quality Lappella is known for and the luxury it promises, this handbag is your passport to a serene style journey. Browse the gorgeous Lappella soft leather Morning Blue crossbody bags and clutch bags as well as the Isabella shopper bag.

  7. Mint Green: Embrace the allure of cool, refreshing elegance with the Mint Green Lappella handbag. This handbag, made from the softest leather, promises a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. It’s a tangible piece of tranquility, bringing with it the essence of a calming breeze and the gentle rustle of spring leaves. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this handbag embodies quality and whispers of understated luxury in the language of soft pastels. Mint Green looks perfect in the Lappella crossbody bags ,why not take a look.

  8. Black Croc: Dive into the exotic world of luxury with the luxury Black Croc print Lappella handbag. Crafted from soft, embossed leather, this piece channels the raw beauty and power of the magnificent creature it is named after. The intricate, reptile-like pattern makes it a standout piece, bringing a touch of the wilderness into the city. It's a power statement that shouts quality and distinction, making it an ideal accessory for the modern, confident woman. Black croc printed leather looks sophisticated, premium and stylish in all structured bag styles and feature in crossbody bags, totes and grab bags.

  9. Black Snake: Ignite your wardrobe with the hypnotic allure of the Black Snake print Lappella handbag. Its luxury soft leather texture and intricate snake-like pattern weave a tale of fascination and intrigue. It’s not just a bag; it’s an adventurous journey into the world of fashion, a walk on the wild side of luxury, a testament to the never-ending quest for quality and individuality. This handbag is the perfect piece to elevate your style and set you apart from the crowd. Don't be hiding away be proud to show off your Lappella Black Snake skin printed crossbody bag or clutch bag ,there's lots to choose from!.

  10. Brown Croc: The Brown Croc Lappella handbag is a tangible fusion of earthy hues and exotic patterns. This handbag is crafted from butter-soft leather that's embossed to mimic the skin of a crocodile, lending it a touch of wild elegance. It’s a timeless statement piece that captures the Lappella ethos of quality and luxury. This handbag stands out in its unique way, being a tribute to craftsmanship, style, and creativity. Stand out from the smooth leather brigade with a Lappella Brown Croc leather crossbody bag or tote bag.

  11. Brown Snake: The Brown Snake Lappella handbag is a captivating blend of soft leather and entrancing patterns. Its rich hue and intricate snake pattern weave an enchanting tale of natural beauty and quality craftsmanship. It's a luxurious statement piece that transports you into the heart of the wilderness. This handbag is a tribute to the adventurous spirit, a testament to the pursuit of quality, and a beacon of luxurious style. Show your Lappella Brown Snake print Lappella bag to your peers, select from the Lappella crossbody bags and clutch bags.

  12. Gold: Let your style shine with a luxury Gold Lappella handbag. This handbag, made from butter-soft leather, exudes a radiant charm that's impossible to ignore. It sparkles with the allure of luxury, reflecting light with every movement, making you the centre of attention wherever you go. It's a testament to quality, a symbol of opulence, and a declaration of your exquisite taste in fashion. Show off your gold Lappella handbag every day with a Lappella crossbody bag.

  13. Camel: The Camel Lappella handbag captures the essence of nomadic chic. Crafted from soft leather, this bag pays homage to the desert's rustic beauty. It's a journey through style and quality, a voyage into the world of luxury. This handbag, with its warm, earthy tones, complements a variety of outfits, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. This colour matches all outfits pick yours from teh Lappella collection of crossbody bags and grab bags.

  14. Pearl: The Pearl Lappella handbag is an epitome of refined elegance. This butter-soft leather accessory is as enticing and lustrous as the gem it's named after. It's a beacon of luxury and quality, a testament to the finesse of Lappella's craftsmanship. The pearl handbag lends a touch of opulence to your outfit, making every day a special occasion. Choose from lots of Pearl handbags in the collection of Lappella crossbody bags, clutch bags ,shoppers and grab bags.

  15. Silver: The Silver Lappella handbag is a celestial journey into the world of fashion. Crafted from soft leather, this handbag reflects the cool allure of moonlight, adding a touch of mystical beauty to your ensemble. It’s a testament to quality, a symbol of luxury, and a reward for your refined taste in fashion. Stand out from the crowd with the stunning Lappella silver crossbody bags and clutch bags.

  16. Blush Pink: The Blush Pink Lappella handbag is a soft whisper of romance crafted in butter-soft leather. It's a delicate fusion of grace and style, where pastel dreams meet luxury realities. This bag embodies quality and exudes an enchanting charm, adding a dash of chic sophistication to your wardrobe. Looks stunning on the Lappella crossbody bags and clutch bags.

  17. Leopard: The Leopard print Lappella handbag is a walk on the wild side. Crafted from soft leather and adorned with an exotic leopard print, this bag screams luxury and oozes quality. It's a bold statement piece that sets you apart in the fashion jungle, making you the queen of the urban safari. Be quite the fashionista with a Lappella Leopard print crossbody bag, clutch bag or hobo bag.

  18. Cow Hair: The Cow hair Lappella handbag is a jovial nod to the pastoral. Made from butter-soft leather with a playful cow print, this accessory is a fresh take on classic style. It's an eclectic mix of countryside charm and urban sophistication. This handbag, with its unique design, is a testament to Lappella's commitment to quality and luxury. Show off your dedication to luxury and style with a Lappella Cow Hair  clutch bag or hobo.